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The Risutec ASTA for Contractors is a mounted forestry GPS documentation system that shows seedling and mound locations, and planting and clearing areas in real-time.


Get a datasheet for offline use with information on the product and technical data.

Risutec ASTA for contactors Mounted Forestry GPS

The ASTA for Contractors forestry GPS documentation system is a cost-efficient method for reporting and showing seedling and mound locations, areas, planting densities, and planted amounts in real-time. ASTA can also be used in documenting clearing areas.

Print PDF reports or integrate point-data to your GIS of choice

ASTA for Contractors includes a counter for working efficiency, ensures the planted area visually, and provides a simple tool for reporting and modifying the planting data in various ways afterward. It can be attached to all forestry machines and all Risutec equipment.

The ASTA for Contractors model is integrated to your excavators joystick. We can preprogram often used operations to different buttons for effective operating. ASTA is buit on Android and available in the Google Play Store for convenient downloading. Overlay in-field results on your preferred map for reporting and research. Study effects systematically to gain an understanding over the optimal silvicultural inputs.



Precision forestry is part and parce of efficient plantation establishment. Please check our digitial forestry solutions for efficient establishment.


Choosing the right forestry excavator is all about service. Read our views on the topic on our blog here:

We provide varying warranty times depending on the product. Typical warranty is one year or 1000 hours, whichever comes first.

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We work with forestry contractors, companies, and forest owners. Our philosophy is to build the forest taking all values, economic and environmental, into consideration. Therefore we also work with customers on land restoration and afforestation, as well as carbon capture projects.

During installation and manufacture, we will train your key personnel on the workings of our equipment so that they can maintain and service the units. We also provide remote control to reduce the number of mechanic visits and save on costs. Depending on your region we have a wide-ranging dealer and service center network to ensure your operational performance.