ASTA for Surveying is an accurate handheld GPS and RTK solution for in-field point location on a grid and data collection in-field.


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ASTA for Surveying - The Accurate GPS and RTK Solution for Research and Surveying

ASTA for Surveying is an accurate multi-purpose carrier mounted and handheld GPS system with RTK-fix for online and offline operations. The solution is configurable to your needs, whether you are documenting by hand, on a forest carrier, or both.

multi-purpose surveying and marking

ASTA for Surveying will help you locate the nearest geopoint on a predefined grid with centimeter-level accuracy for planting, pole planting, pitting, mounding, drilling, and other applications that benefit from establishing a defined spacement. It’s the ideal solution for forestry, viticulture, orchards, and more.

Real-time documentation allows you to document results on any numerical variables of interest with precise, georeferenced data points. ASTA for Surveying includes a cloud-hosted service for data retrieval and manipulation as well as powerful APIs that enable real-time integration with any GIS or geographical ERP-system. The solution also facilitates business process re-engineering between contractors and clients, providing more transparency between parties, like moving from hourly or by-area remuneration to spot-based or unit-based billing.




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