Attachments and Accessories


  • The seeder can be mounted on a bucket or mounding plate. The seeder can also be integrated with a mechanized planter like the PM-160.

  • Available with either an average of 10 seeds or 16 seeds per feed / spot

  • 12V or 24V

  • 0.5 l seed hopper

Mounding plate

  • Weight 400 kg with ntp10 bracket, others possible

  • Can be integrated with seeder and Asta

  • Optional planter opener

Disc Ripper

  • Creates an optimal spot and conditions by making a trench and modifying the spot for optimal root growing conditions.

Pitting Attachment PT-6

  • Creates the best growing medium, especially for dry conditions. The grass structure retains moisture and the fertilizer connected to the device mixes the fertilizer within reach of the plant roots.

  • Customizable with different attachments

  • Can accommodate different types of fertilizer dosages and container size

  • Dry weight approx. 500kg