GPS Guidance System for Grid Planting with Centimeter Accuracy


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plant in accurate grids with task

The Risutec TASK GPS guidance system shows operators where to plant in real time – enabling precision forestry operations for large plantations with strict spacing and quality standards.

task for plantation forestry

With the TASK GPS guidance system, greater planting accuracy and plant usage can be achieved. TASK guidance system defines the wanted position for seedling. Especially designed for eucalyptus planting.

Achieve centimeter accuracy in remote locations. Small mistakes will cause large losses in yields in large stands, that’s why TASK has been engineered for extreme precision.

On-screen indicators for optimal crane movements, and cabin lights with configurable alerts, to keep operators “on-track”. Use TASK with the SKB or ASP planters.

Plan your operations ahead of time. Get maximal efficiency from your operations by eg.,  letting your managment provide the optimal driving routes for your ground crews.

ASP with pitting soil cultivation




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