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Combat soil erosion in places that were previously expensive, difficult, or dangerous to plant. Whether you’re reforesting slopes or rocky areas the SKB-range provides many tools for demanding conditions.


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SKB For Demanding Reforestation and Slopes

Whether you’re reforesting slopes or rocky areas the SKB-range provides many tools for demanding conditions.

versatile tooling for soil cultivation

The SKB-range of planters comes with a versatile range of accessories, which makes it easy to test different soil cultivation and soil preparation methods and settings.

For instance, both soft and extremely hard areas and soil types can be planted by changing the tooling on the unit. Trees can be a very effective way to combat soil erosion, and the SKB is equipped for the toughest of afforestation challenges.

SKB-240 Disc ripper

THE SKB-120/160/240

A versatile machine that tackles even the most challenging terrain. Doing all of the forestation steps with one machine simultaneously will greatly enhance the reforesting process, saving you resources and making your operations safer.

The SKB is suitable for slopes and can also be outfitted with replacement cartridges for rapid reloading and effective operations. This planting head is also used in places where extensive soil shaping, such as terracing or ledges, is needed.

Technical details

  • Minimum recommended excavator size 14 ton
  • Dry weight 1400 kg
  • Hydraulic pressure 160 bar
  • Hydraulic flow 160-170 l/min
  • Cassette size SKB-120 75x75mm (inner cell size)
  • Cassette size SKB-160 55x55mm (inner cell size)
  • Cassette size SKB-240 50x50mm (inner cell size)
  • U-Bucket 650 mm subsoil depth 
  • Pitting 550 mm subsoil depth
  • Ripper 800 mm subsoil depth
  • Disc ripper 800 mm subsoil depth
  • Tree fork ripper 600mm
  • Rake
  • Mounding and inverting tool
  • Electrical system 12-24V
  • Control flow system
  • Remote telemetric system

Add-ons for more productive work

  • Fertilizer (different kinds, ask for more information from our product experts)
  • Watering (filters and pumps adjustable to dirty water)
  • Herbicide
  • Pesticide
  • Deer repellent
  • Direct seeding
  • Precision forestry (at different levels of accuracy with or without guidance)




Choosing the right forestry excavator is all about service. Read our views on the topic on our blog here:

We provide varying warranty times depending on the product. Typical warranty is one year or 1000 hours, whichever comes first.

The best way to choose the right model is to contact us directly . You can also use our product selector here: 

We offer financing through our partners in select locations, please contact us to inquire about financing in your region. You can read more about our financing options here: 

We work with forestry contractors, companies, and forest owners. Our philosophy is to build the forest taking all values, economic and environmental, into consideration. Therefore we also work with customers on land restoration and afforestation, as well as carbon capture projects.

During installation and manufacture, we will train your key personnel on the workings of our equipment so that they can maintain and service the units. We also provide remote control to reduce the number of mechanic visits and save on costs. Depending on your region we have a wide-ranging dealer and service center network to ensure your operational performance.